2012 “Women’s Voice in Power” was a selected poster for the Gender Equality Now Exhibition. Poster for Tomorrow, Paris, France.
2012  Chaney-Goodman-Schwerner Award, Queens College. NYC, USA.
2012 Graphic Design R. Blaine Memorial Award, Queens College. NYC, USA
1993 – 1998  Valedictorian Award. Morelia, Mexico.


Résumé available upon request


  • WordPress Websites: I specialize in building WordPress sites. Proficiency HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, BBPress, Zencart.
  • Graphic Design: I design graphics and layouts for Print and web use.  Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design.
  • Product Design| Czech Glass Beads: I design glass beads made in Czech Republic. I choose the shape, cuts, color and finishes.
  • Product Photography
  • Webmaster
  • Email and Social Media Marketing
  • SEO Basics
  • Interior Design (hobby)

About me…

I am Cynthia Shanti Moralez Garciduenas, I was born and raised in Morelia, Mexico. Since I was a child I was very attracted to arts, I used to play the violin for a couple of years and I studied painting. I thought I would be an artist, a musician or maybe a teacher, but my physician father and nurse mother influenced me to become a dentist.

After four years of dental school, I broke from the plan and went to the USA and I became a volunteer. It was in New York City where I had access to design programs and photography discovering my passion for design. I enrolled Queens College to study Graphic Design.

I am artistic, but I am also practical. In my job, I can create something that you can use that is also something beautiful. It’s perfect. I get inspired by my surroundings– architecture, interior design, and fashion.

My career has been evolved and transforms to different directions. In the actuality, I do all kind of jobs that complement each other. All my skills, work perfectly for small business and/or small organizations that need people with knowledge in many things.

One branch of my career that has been developed through the years is the Product design of beads made in the Czech Republic. I would say very few in the world do my job, I design the little components (beads) that designers use to make their jewelry. I am the one who decides what color glass, cut, and finish is going to be applied to the beads produced for Nirvana Beads.

You may find me in different places, traveling keeps me fresh and motivated. I like to feel and learn design aspects from other cultures and connect with family and friends. I have a deep love for animals and helping others.